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With white chocolate chunks and unicorn sprinkles

Confession time.


I think my daughter may have a slight cookie obsession, and if I’m honest with myself, I think she has inherited from me (face palm). You see, I am not a one cookie kind of gal’…I am a ‘open the packet and finish the packet’ kind of cookie muncher.


I honestly can’t help myself. 

My husband even looks at me sometimes and says ‘Brogen, you have no self-control.’ It makes me giggle! Who needs self-control when it comes to cookies…am I right!?


It’s being environmentally friendly – really, food waste is my pet hate.


When I was younger I grew up with cookies and biscuits all around me, my dad loved them – it was a child’s dream! Now being older and more mature (sort of) I still love them just as much, and now naturally Sway of course, loves them too! 

Difficulty: Easy!

Parties aside though, sometimes there is nothing better than sitting down after a long day (or a long morning for us mums!) and enjoying something totally decadent, filled with totally necessary calories and a cup of strong coffee. And, as you might be able to see, I couldn’t even wait for mine to set before I dived right in… I blame my dessert addiction...

The only difference is I am able to limit her intake. Double standards I know, but as my mum would say: “because I said so, that’s why”.

ANYWAY…. Now you know my total obsession, meet my newest addictive creature…My Ultimate Unicorn Cake Batter Cookies! They’re Chewy and Gooey with hunks of white chocolate throughout, and needless to say, incredibly moreish!


It’s the best parts of two worlds colliding: the flavour of vanilla butter cake batter with the casing of a soft and chewy choc chip cookie! When mixed together the hybrid taste like a moist, chewy white chocolate mud cake cookie…it's divine!

If you love the taste of cake batter - but like me would rather eat a cookie (or six) – then stop, drop and roll up some dough! This batch is especially for you, eat your heart out!

Makes: 16 Large

Gather The Following...

Now, Lets Begin!

Begin by whisking the sugars, butter, vanilla and eggs in a large bowl until thoroughly combined and lump free. Sift in the butter cake mix, plain flour and baking powder, mixing until a dough forms and is free of any pockets of flour.

Stir in the white chocolate chunks and half of the sprinkles!

Once your cookie dough is formed, pour the mixture out onto glad wrap, form a log shape (roughly 30cm long) and seal it tightly. Place the cookie dough in the fridge for 4 hours – overnight to chill.

Once your dough has chilled and is nice and firm, preheat your oven to 170 and line 3 baking trays with baking paper - set aside.


Remove the dough from the fridge and divide the mixture into 16 even slices (each slice will be roughly 1 ½ - 2 Tbls of dough). Roll each slice of dough into a ball, and then roll each ball gently in the remaining sprinkles, to coat.


Place the cookie dough balls onto prepared baking sheets, spacing them a few inches apart as the cookies will spread. Bake for 12-13 mins or until edges are a light golden. Once cooked, remove the cookies from the oven and allow them to cool on their trays for 15 minutes. Place cookies onto a wire rack until cooled completely. The cookies will be very soft so take care when moving them.


Once they are completely cooled, inhale! (that’s if you can wait that long!)

½ cup White Sugar

½ cup Brown Sugar

180g Salted Butter, melted

2 tsp Vanilla Extract

1 Egg + 1 Egg Yolk

1 ½ cups Butter Cake Packet/Box Mix*

1 cup Plain Flour

½ tsp Baking Powder

¾ cup White Chocolate, chopped

½ cup Unicorn Sprinkles, halved

*You can also use and Vanilla or White Cake Mix - Box or Packet

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