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A week as The Duchess of Sussex

In the beginning…


The idea behind this project came about just after the beautiful Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, tied the knot at Windsor Castle, May 19, 2018. After all of the buzz in the air around the now Duchess of Sussex, images of all her most iconic and sought after looks started to top the feeds of us eager onlookers! 


Having been living, working and breathing through social media for the past few years, some of my wonderful (and far too kind) followers started messaging me, ‘doppelgänger’ hinting and posting online through their platforms that I had a similar resemblance to Meghan Markle herself. Flattered and a little surprised to have been compared to such an iconic and amazing woman, one that I, along with most of the world, adored from the first moment I was introduced to her as Rachel, in the hit TV Series ‘Suits’! I was eager to explore the idea of becoming her, just for the love of it and even if only for a week!


With the comments coming in and my adoration for the character, beauty and style of Meghan Markle, my team and I decided to put our heads together and tirelessly work towards emulating her through a series of style choices, various locations, and hair and make-up applications! We wanted to do this not only because we love a great style challenge - seeing just how close we could get to the original shots, or to pay homage to our new Duchess (think of it as our way of welcoming her to the Commonwealth!) but also so all of you who love her style as much as we do, have a budget friendly way of achieving her stunning looks!


It’s no wonder the Duchess has so many devotees. Having delved deep into her style and celebrity life articulated across the multitude of platforms around the world dedicated to her, all she exudes is outstanding character, style and grace – something we can all hope to achieve and someone we can all take a page from.


So, that being said! It began! Project ‘Becoming Meghan Markle’ was in full swing, and we were overtly buzzing with excitement! We scoured the internet for the 12 unique images we would be portraying - some of her most iconic looks to date! Pages upon pages of internet sources to find the closet representations of her looks, hours upon hours of pounding the pavement with multiple shopping bags in arm, a million changing room visits for fittings, and many late nights and early mornings of planning, preparation and execution for each shot!


We were dedicated, we were focused and now, we are ready to share them with you! 


Under each shot we have given you a little peak of behind the scenes as to why we loved each outfit and how we managed to put each of them together! We have also carefully listed the items worn and found from each shot - including hair and make-up products as well as accessories and any style tips/tweaks we had to make to capture the shot!


To see our highlights video of the making of this project, please click here, or head to the following link:

**Please note - All original shots used (pictured on the left hand side) are NOT our images and are subject to copy write of the original owner of the image – we do not ownthe rights or take anycredit for the images used of Meghan Markle, we are simply using them as a reference for the outfit we selected to replicate – all credit to original owners. 


***The images on the right are solely owned and copy write @bybrogen and 

RECREATION 1. Instagram Worthy!

Image Credit: Unknown


I have to say, this outfit is in my top 3 favourites, out of the 12. 

Firstly, because it screams everything I love (given I had the items in my wardrobe) and secondly, because she pulls it off so effortlessly – totally sleek, sophisticated and simple. The type of outfit that shows Meghan is completely in control, independent and a total #boss.



Two Piece Suit -

Boots -

Coat -

Glasses -

Bag -


STYLE NOTES: She wore tapered trouser pants with pointed toe black heels. We created the same look with tailored pants and pointed toe sock boots!

RECREATION 2. Good Housekeeping Interview with Meghan Markle!

Image Credit: Good Housekeeping:

Gingham is everything! When we saw this incredible shot taken for Good Housekepping in the beautiful ‘Little Italy’, we couldn’t help but feel all the right vibes! We instantly needed to get our hands on some gingham…and Italian food! Although we know this shirt sold out too fast to get our hands on it, we created our own version of it here and shot this image in the closest place we have to Italy - Emerald Lakes, here on the Gold Coast.


Top –

Our Option Top -

Jeans –

Glasses –

Shoes -


STYLE NOTE: We actually created this top by purchasing the above dress, having it cut and hemmed into two pieces, before adding hand sewn straps. We also added fringe to the heels to achieve this look, but we have found a matching pair that you can purchase above. A quick and easy way to achieve this look!

RECREATION 3. Meghan - Invictus Games, Toronto.

Image Credit: Chris Jackson, Getty Images / Splash


One thing we absolutely love about the Duchess is her ability to keep her casual looks so relatable and yet so incredibly classy. This look perfectly articulates that with her simple white button-down, stylish blue, ripped knee jeans, classic pointed toe flats and leather tote! This look is a favourite for our ‘week in her shoes’ and we cannot wait for the Royal visit here in Australia as the games take place on our homeland, this coming October!



Shirt -

Jeans -

Tote -

Glasses -

Shoes -

RECREATION 4. Meghan Stepping Out In Toronto!

Image Credit: Splash News

Again, we love how classic Meghan dresses. We were extremely lucky during the replication of these images as my wardrobe actually contained a lot of the key pieces Meghan wears (although be it the more affordable versions)! We love that as a celebrity she was never afraid, nor too proud, to re-wear stunning statement pieces, such as coats, glasses, jeans and shirts…and although we can find the occasional repetition in her wardrobe she constantly managed to style it in a completely new and fresh way! If I was ever going to choose and outfit to stroll down the street in – this would be my pick! 


Jumper -

Pants -

Coat -

Bag -

Glasses -

RECREATION 5. Reitmans Collection 2016 Shoot!

Image Credit: Reitmans Canada, Reitmans Canada

This look is from Meghan’s work with Canadian retailer ‘Reitmans’ as they welcomed her as a brand ambassador in the fall of 2015. We absolutely love how chic all of this collection was and picked a few of these images to replicate for you as we felt they were such trend driven and accessible pieces – bringing a touch of Meghan’s personal creations into each of your wardrobes!


Shirt -

Pants -

RECREATION 6. Reitmans Collection 2016 Shoot!

Image Credit: Reitmans Canada

Another sophisticated selection from the Reitmans Collection – a striking black leather skirt and high necked black shirt. Another outfit we totally loved! We were lucky enough to have this outfit conveniently pre-owned and hanging up in the wardrobe, and when we saw it was also an extension of Meghan’s style, we couldn’t wait to pull it out and style it on set! This is a timeless and classic look that we feel every woman should feel confident in!


Top -


RECREATION 7. The question and answer session at AOL Studios New York, the Build Series. 

Image Credit: Getty Images

There is nothing quite as bold as a red lip and we love that she chose this outfit to accentuate it! Meghan looks striking in her black blazer and leather pants - completely sheik and sophisticated! 


Blazer -

Blazer Option 2.

Pants -

RECREATION 8. Elle Magazine Cover Shoot, 2017

Image Credit: ELLE FRANCE

We were blown away with Meghan’s ‘Elle’ France Magazine Cover Shoot in 2017, and it turns out the rest of the world is still obsessed with it too! Still making headlines in this billowing white skirt and denim button-down look, we couldn’t help but fall in love! So, when we pondered over the images we would use, this was at the top of our list. We opted for a leopard print shoe just to put our flare on it!


Shirt -

Skirt -

Option 2 -

Option 3 -

Option 4-

Coat -

Earings -

Shoes -


STYLE TIPS: We found this skirt super tricky to find this season! This skirt was found at a Forever New outlet store and we paired it with a lace belt. However, we have tagged a similar one for you above. Our earrings could only be found instore, but we tagged another pair we loved for you!

RECREATION 9. Good Housekeeping Interview with Meghan Markle!

Image Credit: Good Housekeeping:

We love this look for how cute and cosy she looks in this shot. Summer rugged for her Good Housekepping Interview in 2016! We may not have been able to find the beautifully exposed red brick on a rooftop; but, the outfit on the other hand - with her bright and vibrant knitted red jumper paired with tailored blue shorts, rose gold loafers and a summer hat – we could do! Meghan shows us what it looks like to be warm, practical and stylish in her seater-shorts combo!


Jumper/knit -

Shorts -

Shoes -

Hat -

Bag -

RECREATION 10. Meghan Markle Studio Shot!

Image Credit: UNKNOWN

This simple and elegant shot is an up-close and personal look at how stunning Meghan truly is. With her barely-there make-up and freckles on full display, we absolutely love how genuine and true this image is, or more importantly, she herself is. We replicated this with a similar simple white button-down and studs, the same ones shot in other images above and below – again, can we just say again how amazingly transitional her style is!


Shirt -

Accessories -

Wrist -

RECREATION 11. Meghan Markle ‘Paparazzi’ Shot!

Image Credit: UNKNOWN

We just had to replicate that classic ‘paparazzi shot’ that she makes look so effortless! This outfit was created completely using clothing that had already been used in previous shots – proving her wardrobe is completely versatile and achievable! 



Shirt -

Pants -

Coat -

Glasses -

Shoes –

RECREATION 12. Meghan Markle Studio Shot!

Image Credit: UNKNOWN

Last but not least we leave you with our final shot! Finishing strong and simple with a stark yet sophisticated headshot, getting up close and personal! 



Black Cami –


STYLE TIPS: We took this shot as a headshot only. The image originally shows her wearing a black dress; however, we switched it up by just using a black cami, tagged above!

Achieving Meghan's Hairstyles!

Artist – Julianne, Owner @lisabettemakeup / 

We absolutely love how Meghan chooses to style her hair! It’s always a similar vibe of bouncy, natural looking, loose waves, and parted either in the centre of her head or just off to the side. This was a perfect match as it’s also how we enjoy styling mine!


Heres what we used to achieve Meghans Hair styles:

Luxy Hair Extensions - Use code: BROGEN for a discount at the checkout!

With a GHD standard wand we created curls focused away from the face, straightening the ends (a few inches up the strand) for a more piece-y look. 

Redken Fashion 12 Hairspray was used to set the hair in place.

Schwarzkopf Taft Volume Powder to give volume to the roots.


We used only the above products to style each up-do also!


Achieving Meghan's Make-up Looks!

Artist – Julianne, Owner @lisabettemakeup /

Is it any wonder we love the Duchess so much when she flaunts her natural beauty by glowing under very little make up!? There’s nothing more beautiful than natural beauty, although we loved to play around with her big bold looks as well, stripping it back for some of the shots was so much fun! Below is all the make-up used in the shots. Some images required more make-up than others, but the products always remained the same!



Embroylisse Lait-Crème Concentré for moisture/priming

Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation colour: Stromboli

Cinema Secret Concealer for undereyes Shade: 602-65 from the Cinema Secrets Ultimate Concealer 5-in-1 Pro Palette No2.

RCMA No Color Powder

Iridis Cosmetics Contour Powder + Iridis Highlighter.

For Studio Shots we used Proof Blush, Shade: “Sultry”

For Outdoor Shots we used Iridis Blush: “Red” 



MAC Prep & Prime 24hr Extend Eye Base 

Napoleon Perdis Colour Disc in "Espresso To Go" (dark brown) 

Stila Eyes Are The Windows To The Soul Palette in "Mind" - shades "Reason" (black),  and "Wit" (warm brown). 

Used Iridis Hilite for highlighting eyes.

Maybelline Master Precise gel liner & Maybelline Eye Studio in Blackest Black for upper lash line and waterline.

Maybelline Angel Mascarra

Lashes were ModelRock in New York Muse



We used "Reason" from Stila Palette to contour brows.



I do have quite a few freckles myself, but on the odd occasion that we needed a little extra freckle help, we added these on by using Maybelline Colour Tattoo in the shades “Tough as Taupe” and Chi Chi Pomade in the shade “Taupe”

*Tip To Apply freckles, we used a fine tip brush, taping small dots onto the skin and blurring them in slightly (working fast as product dries quickly).


Although there are many differences - given the uniqueness of all of us and the things that are created to set us apart - we fell in love with the similarities between us that we had to play off during this project! 


We really hope that you loved this as much as we enjoyed every second ‘in her shoes’ for the week! 

If we are honest, her shoes are honourably too big to fill and we merely devoted ourselves to having as much fun as possible and taking a risk at emulating her style and looks for you to the best of our ability! 


Our greatest, most ambitious and star shooting hope from this project is that, just maybe, it is stumbled upon by the royal Duchess herself one day and that she knows how much she, along with her style, her grace, her ambition, her poise and her intelligence is adored…all the way from our corner of the world to hers! And look, would it be too big a stretch to say I’d be more than enthusiastic to polish up my best American accent and happily take on a role of her in any upcoming movies…Hollywood, I’m all yours!


For now though, until my curtain call, I’ll just be off to enjoy my brand new Meghan Markle inspired capsule wardrobe!


This one is devoted to you, Meghan.

To see our highlights video on how we created these looks, click HERE or visit


Styling, Design and Editorial Production – @bybrogen

Co-styling, Hair + Make-up - @lisabettemakeup / 

Photography - @timidsteinmusic


A massive thank you to my wonderful, patient and talented husband for the photography and direction! Another equally big thank you to my sister-in-law – Julianne - for your hard work, direction, and hair and make-up skills for each image on this project. This entire project could not have been accomplished without you! 


If you loved this project make sure you leave us a comment below to let us know. If you would be interested in seeing us do more of these projects we would love to hear from you!

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