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Only 1 bowl and 4 ingredients

Calling all the Bounty Bar fans out there - this one is for you!


Today, I wanted to create a little bit of a medley recipe including some of my favourite ingredients – Coconut, Caramel and Chocolate! I needed a quick recipe I could throw together, that people could enjoy for when they popped around for a tea…or when this mamma just needed a sneaky afternoon snack, while my little girl sleeps!

So, what better than a bite sized truffle, filled with delicious caramel (of course) and chunks of chocolate, for a 'bite' of texture! It’s exactly what I felt like to curb my cravings, and a recipe I thought you would all love - especially being as though it’s so insanely simple! 

I think even the non-kitchen-savvy husbands (or wives) could handle it!


So grab a bowl (that’s right, only one), a spoon and whip yourself up a seriously quick and simple recipe for those last minute events, finger foods or afternoon tea muchies! With only 4 ingredients and a top of 10 minutes to make – this recipe is a deliciously fast flavour hit that rivals its coconutty brother, the Bounty!

Oh, and I will mention that I added a little kick of cinnamon to mine, for something a little different! I find this really enhances all of the flavours and makes the smell linger in your kitchen (something you really want with these guys!) But if you’re not a cinnamon fan, feel free to omit this. Enjoy!

Difficulty: Easy Peasy

Gather The Following...

Now, Lets Begin!

Pour the caramel, 3 cups of coconut, cinnamon and chocolate chunks into a large bowl and mix together using a wooden spoon, until fully combined. Cover with plastic wrap and place it into the freezer to chill for 5-10 mins – this makes rolling it into balls easier!


Once chilled, roll into balls using 1 TBLS per truffle. Finally roll each truffle in the remaining coconut! Store in and airtight container in the fridge for up to 1 week or in the freezer for a cool treat for up to 2 months – if they last that long! 

1 tin Caramel Top n’ Fill

3 ½ cups Descicated Coconut (reserve ½ cup for rolling)

2 tsp Cinnamon

½ cup Chocolate Chunks/Chips

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