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Drab to fab with only a little time and some spare change!


This morning I went to grab my phone off our little hall table and after staring at the same scratches for about a year now I thought, you know what, today I’m actually going to finally fix this little cherub! I had seen an amazing little tip on Pinterest (my go-to daily scroll) and having wandered the isles of Kmart many times, I had seen the range of transfer paper and thought why not give this a go – worst case scenario the table top honestly could not look any worse…

It's cost effective (so, so cheap) and it gives you such an amazing finish for the least amount of work! So, all that being said I thought I would share this tip with you all just in case you had any furniture that was looking a little worse for wear, that needed a little help! This method could honestly be used for shelves, coffee tables, hall tables, desks… the list is probably endless! I know after attempting this myself and discovering how easy it is, I will be going on a bit of a covering spree!

Check out my video on how to do it -> here!

So, without further rambling from me here are my handy tips on getting a re-vamped statement piece for your house, for only $3.50. If your jaw just dropped, so did mine! Seriously cheap and even less if you already have a ruler…I’m sure I have 30 but I can never find one!

  1.  Choose your colour and buy your materials! I went with a White Marble finish but you could do a rose gold, black marble or if it’s for a kid’s room there are even glitter finishes that would be perfect!


You will need only 3 tools and three steps!

  • A plastic ruler

  • Scissors

  • Contact Paper (Click to find my choice!)

2. Make sure your furniture is clean, dry and free from dust, grime and in my case lose paint. 

I wiped mine down with multi-purpose cleaner first before removing the lint with a micro-fibre cloth. 

3. Cover your table!

  • Take your time with this part because it can be tricky with the contact paper being so adhesive! Line up your edges and cut the paper to fit your surface. Once you have your paper cut to size all you have to do is peel the paper back gradually as you apply it.

  • Apply the contact paper onto your table by pressing it down using a plastic ruler (you could also use a credit card if you don’t have a ruler on hand). The ruler will help eliminate and remove air-bubbles that may form under the contact paper.

  • Scrape towards the edges and finish by securing the edges with your ruler, tucking any excess underneath the table to secure the contact paper.

Voila! There you have it, with a little bit of TLC you can have a completely new table! I am so insanely happy with the result that I have a feeling my house will be contact paper covered...I’m not even sorry…


So, what piece of furniture could use a bit of love in your place?!

Brogen x

See the video of how I did mine here!

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