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The ultimate combination for a tasty treat!

So, first I need to tell you a little secret (that's not so secret) about me...I have two very real and serious addictions…caramel and coffee. I can’t even try to deny it, it’s evident from most of my baking adventures featured on here already - I have a deep-rooted love for the both of them. But, these ingredients (or food groups really) are just two peas in a pod - or today, in a tartlet!

It all started the other day when I noticed that I had some left over pastry dough chilling (both literally and figuratively), begging sweetly to be baked! So, like any food obsessed person would, I cranked up the oven, lined my mini tartlet cases and got busy…If you don't have pastry handy you can by all means use store bought sweet shortcrust or try my recipe here for a super buttery and delicious version. Now, it does need chilling before baking but fear not - good things come to those who wait!

This recipe is delicious - trust me - buttery pastry with a gooey golden filling, these babies don't even need an introduction! Oh, wait, did I mention they are super duper simple also?! Music to my 'mum' ears! 

But honestly, just look at how crumbly they are...maybe way too tempting to keep laying around the house (sounds like a good excuse to eat them all at once to me?) I know mine were gone as soon as they had finished posing!

Difficulty: Easy!

Gather The Following...

Now, Lets Begin!

To make the coffee caramel, melt your butter in a small saucepan over low heat. Once melted, add in your coffee whilst stirring with a plastic (heat proof) spatula, mix until fully dissolved.  Add brown sugar and allow to melt.


Pour in the luscious and creamy condensed milk and bring mixture to the boil for a few minutes, stirring continuously to prevent burning. The caramel should bubble away and darken slightly.


Pour into a separate bowl and allow the caramel to cool until firm. Once cool, whisk briskly until the caramel is whipped to a smooth and soft consistency.


Pipe into prepared and cooled tartlets and dust with grated chocolate flakes.


*We used a Wilton open star tip to achieve a rosette like effect!



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Coffee Caramel Filling

115g Butter (unsalted or salted is fine)

2Tbls Instant Coffee Powder (or to taste)

½ cup packed Dark Brown Sugar

1 can of Condensed Milk

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